Meriahkan Film Deadpool 2, Hot Toys Hadirkan Action Figure-nya

Meriahkan Film Deadpool 2, Hot Toys Hadirkan Action Figure-nya

Dian | 17 May 2018

GANLOB.COM – Menyambut kemeriahan film Deadpool 2, Hot Toys baru aja merilis action figure karakter anti-hero tersebut berskala 1:6.


Mainan ini didesain sangat serupa dengan karakter aslinya, dilengkapi lima pasang topeng mata, beberapa senjata, seperti pedang logam, pisau belati, dan pistol ganda, mainan unicorn, X-Men Trainee jersey, kalung leher tahanan dan sepasang high heels (yang muncul di video klip Celine Dion).

Action figure Deadpool 2 akan resmi diluncurkan Hot Toys di akhir tahun ini.

🎵I can see a new horizon underneath the blazin’ sky 🎶 🎵I’ll be where the eagle’s flying higher and higher 🎶 Everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed Merc is back! Fans are extremely eager to see the highly-anticipated Deadpool sequel since the exciting trailers released worldwide! The red-suited mercenary otherwise known as Wade Wilson is battling time traveler Cable, to protect a fire-wielding mutant youth, while assembling some fellow mutants he calls X-Force, an offshoot of the X-Men. ❕ To celebrate upcoming film Deadpool 2, Hot Toys is very thrilled to bring to you today the new 1/6th scale Deadpool collectible figure based on the forthcoming movie! ❕ The movie-accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the appearance of Deadpool from the film. It features a masked head sculpt with 5 pairs of interchangeable eye pieces to create numerous combinations of Deadpool’s expressions, an iconic red and black Deadpool suit made with new materials and excellent tailoring, Deadpool’s signature weapons including a pair of metal swords, a dagger, and pistols, DP’s favorite mystical animal toy unicorn, a pair of interchangeable high heels, an X-Men Trainee jersey, a wearable neck device, variety of interchangeable hands available for different gestures, and a specially designed Deadpool 2 themed dynamic figure stand perfect for aerial poses!❕ The latest Deadpool collectible figure will definitely be an incredibly fun addition to your Marvel’s unconventional superhero collection! ————————————- #HotToys #Collectibles #SixScale #Marvel #20thCenturyFox #Deadpool2 #Deadpool

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